Windshield Replacement Quincy
Our "No Hassle - Guarantee"

Windshield Replacement Quincy is what we are known for.  We have an excellent reputation and the best guys in the business!  Paying for it yourself or working through your insurance company, we handle it all for you.

Safety, Quality and value are what we are all about.  Windshield Replacement Quincy is not just what we do, its who we are.  We take the utmost care in installing your glass.   We always strive to do the best quality of work and use the best quality glass.   And we back it up with a guarantee that no one else does! 

We guarantee that if your new Windshield is damaged or broken within 12 months of replacement, we will repair or replace the windshield at up too $300.00 at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! (restrictions apply)***

Windshield Replacement Quincy "No Hassle" Guarantee

***See store for details.

Good for as many repairs as necessary and only a one single Windshield Replacement Quincy.

Road hazzard damage only.

Up to a $300.00 credit for the replacement.  Customer pays for any amount above $300.00.

Excludes commercial vehicheals and trucks that are 350 class and above.

In store repairs or replacement only.   We do not come to you for the guarantee.

Spend some time finding a good Windshield Replacement Quincy repair facility before you need one. Ask the local Chamber of Commerce for a member list of companies offering these services. Ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Check to make sure the company's certifications of Automotive Repair is current and active. Look for a copy of the certificate in the repair shop.

If your car begins to make new noises or is not operating normally, don't hope the problem will go away by itself. Take your car into the shop to be checked out while it's still running. If you are suspicious about a diagnosis, you will still have time to take your car elsewhere. If there is anything you do not understand on the work order, ask for an explanation. Ask what the total cost will be and if there is a charge for the diagnosis. The BBB notes that if the problem appears to be an regulator or temporaty fix, you should expect a charge for the diagnosis. Tell the repair shop that you would like to have your old parts before they begin work.

BEFORE YOU SIGN THE WORK ORDER: Make sure that it specifies an estimated cost and indicates that you must be informed and authorize any additional work. Be sure to read and UNDERSTAND everything you are required to do to qualify for and maintain any guarantees or warranties on the parts or labor. Make sure that any guarantees are in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.

In accordance with the Automotive Repair Act of 1971, all customers are entitled:
1. A written estimate for repair work.
2. A detailed invoice of work done and parts supplied.
3. Return of replaced parts. If requested at the time a work order is placed.
4. Questions concerning the above should be directed to the manager of the repair facility. If the work performed does not fix your car's problem, the BBB suggests that you take the car back to the shop that performed the original repair. If there are issues in the future with that same problem it will be easier to identify who is responsible for the repair. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory repair through the company, you may wish to contact the BBB of Automotive Repair at (760)439-0942 or online at

The best way to prevent problems when you are away from home is to make sure that your car is in good working order before you leave on your trip. Check to be sure that your tires are sound, you have a good spare tire, and that all fluid levels are topped off.