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Glass shower doors from Glass One

come in an incredibly wide selection of styles and designs. For a timeless look, you might consider a 3/8″ Heavy frame-less glass system . The Euro Frame-less all glass look with the polished edges gives our showers that unmistakable look of quality. Browse through our galleries to get some ideas of what we could make for your shower area.

There are many other frame-less glass shower doors to choose from Glass One. We invite you to browse through our web site gallery and find the shower door that fits your design ideas. With our wide selection of options for glass, etching, and accessories, we are certain you’ll find just what you want for your bathroom decor.

Options of over 30 styles of handles, towel bars, soap trays and glass finishes will let your imagination run wild.

Before You Buy – call us for a free evaluation

The perfect shower door serves as a cornerstone of your entire bathroom design. Before you place your order, make sure you have answers to three crucial questions to ensure an easy installation process:   Contact us for a free evaluation

1. What are the  materials are used in your bathroom?

The construction of the support wall are equally important as the design,  and you’ll want your bathroom walls to properly support your new shower door. While you can use thinner glass in just about any space, the type of wall material becomes more important if you’re eyeing a heavier product like ⅜” or 1/2″ glass. For fiberglass and acrylic substrates, we recommend using a continuous hinge design.

2. Where your wall studs?

It helps to check out where your wall studs are located, since this is where your door and hinges are mounted. When selecting a heavy glass door, you’ll need double studs for the hinge, jamb side and at the threshold.

3. What is the shape of your shower?


New construction or remodeling, the shape of your shower area can really define the space. Our most popular layouts are inline, return, and corner.

There are many variations, knee walls, pony walls, benches and the like.  We can address those concerns when we meet with you at your free estimate.


Where are you using it?

To narrow down your selection, determine whether you want to enclose a bathtub or prefer a shower without tub. Both looks are extremely popular and the answer really depends on the space you have available as well as the individual look you want to achieve.

How will it open?

Opening Gif 2 0

Here’s a consideration that entails both logistics and aesthetics. Do you prefer your shower door to slide open and closed or would you like it to swing open? If you choose the second option, check out the actual space to figure out which direction the door should swing — right or left.

Do you like a frame or frame-less design?

Frame Gif 2 0

Based on the shape of your shower, determine whether you want a framed shower door or one with as little metal as possible. Glass One offers sophisticated looks in any of these designs so no matter what type of finish you choose you will love it!


Well we are going to force your hand here a little bit.  All of our shower doors will be installed by Glass One.  There are many reasons for this, but manly for a project well done.  There are many issues to consider with the shower door installations.  Our professional installers with take those into account.  Pre-measure, out of square conditions, water flow, backing, tile, onyx, fiberglass, etc.  we will take all of those issues into consideration in the design and installation of your shower door system.

We take pride in the finished product that goes into your home!  Contact us today to set up an appointment.